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Website design, construction and management
—for therapists and others

Having a website can be an invaluable – perhaps vital – tool for communicating to prospective clients.  However, for non technically-minded people the processes involved in setting up and managing a website can be daunting and burdensome.

Briefly the tasks involved are: (1) buying a domain name and arranging website hosting; (2) designing and constructing the site; and (3) ongoing updating/editing/maintenance, plus making payments for domain name renewal and hosting fees.

In collaboration with you I can design and build a unique, personalised website to  your specifications (you would supply all text and images, and give me an idea about the style of website you would like).

If wished, I can facilitate buying your domain name and setting up a suitable website hosting package.  I can also assist you in managing all aspects of your website on an ongoing basis if needed.

Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your requirements:


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